Japan approves first human-animal embryo experiments

The genie is now definitely out of the bottle in terms of humans having the power to manipulate life. These Japanese experiments are ostensibly being done for purposes of increasing options for human patients in need of organ transplants. That sounds great at first glance, but like many emerging technologies, there can be a down side. First of all, who decides what is morally appropriate when it comes to genetic engineering? Which individuals and institutions will have the authority to approve experiments like this in our society and why? Does the “concern about the possibility that human cells might stray beyond development of the targeted organ, travel to the developing animal’s brain and potentially affect its cognition” mean that animals with human brain cells will be considered “more human”? or “near human”? #animal-human-hybrids #genetic engineering

Read the article in nature.com below.


Paul and Adonis representing “Near Human” at Stareable Fest 2019

July 19-21 2019 Director Paul DellaPelle and DP Adonis Cruz represented “Near Human” at Stareable Fest 2019. The festival, held in Williamsburg Brooklyn was presented by Stareable, the largest community of web series creators. There were many great screenings, discussion panels, a pitch competition and more – it was really half creator convention, half film festival.

Near Human was nominated for Best Short Form Drama. We met many great filmmakers including Argentine filmmaker Javier Devitt who won for his stunning web series “M”. Also Canal Demais and their amazing series “MacBeth – King of the Favela”. All in all a very well organized and fun festival. Very impressive for a 2nd year event.

First Episode is up!

Finally! The first mini episode is up on the internet. We are releasing the first episode on Vimeo. A YouTube channel , for which we have lots of cool ideas for additional content, is also coming soon.

Also – any friends or fans who may be in the NYC area the weekend of July 19th and would like to support us and Stareable Fest can use this unique discount code: (Near_Human_SF19) to attend Stareable Fest at a 20% discount!


Our story begins with a vlogger named Fera.

Near Human Selected for Stareable Fest 2019

Stareable Fest

We are excited to announce that Near Human is an official selection for the Short Form Drama category at Stareable Fest 2019!

Stareable Fest is a three day celebration of excellence in web series and independent television brought to you by the largest community of web series creators, Stareable.com.

Half industry marketplace, and half creator convention, Stareable has workshops and panels with industry professionals focusing on web series content creation.

Members of the Near Human Team are looking forward to attending this very cool festival in Williamsburg Brooklyn – NYC this July. We will post updates as soon as we know the screening schedule.

First Near Human Blog Post

So here goes the first blog post for “Near Human”. Our production company Picture Stable LLC has been picking away at this series over the last year and we are finally almost ready to release it. We have quite a few talented young actors, experienced filmmakers and artists involved in the project and we are working towards creating new episodes this summer. Also working on adding various social media accounts tho this project. Currently we have a Pinterest site and a website with more in the works. The series will be dealing with a variety of current topics including genetic engineering, social media, women’s issues and security state, technocracy overreach. Characters from the series will be speaking out on multiple online platforms. Please check out our social media links and stay tuned for more posts. If you would like to join the conversation, please post a comment on our comments page.