Near Human

Episode 1: Our story begins with a vlogger named Fera.
Run Time: 7 minutes
Episode 2 – Fera agrees to have her DNA tested.
Episode 3 – Fera gets her test results

Episode 4 – Lydia confronts Fera

Fera, a socially conscious teen vlogger searches for her birth parents through DNA testing and discovers she is not who she thought she was. Not even close.

Near Human is a web series with themes of scientific ethics, genetic engineering, CRISPR, and other political and social questions of fundamental importance to humanity.

We are excited to announce that Near Human was nominated for Best Short Form Drama at Stareable Fest 2019! Stareable is a web series film festival taking place in Brooklyn NY, July 19th – 21st 2019.
Stareable Fest

Near Human now viewable right here and on !
Youtube and other platforms to follow.


“Near Human” Official Trailer

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